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Chemical Technician

Chemical Technician
Anodizing Facility
711 Gana Crt. Mississauga, On.
L5S 1P2
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In the role of Chemical Technician, you will be responsible for properly maintaining and troubleshooting our Anodizing Process Tanks and our Waste Water Treatment System. This will involve laboratory work to analyze the baths, making the appropriate tank additions, as well as manual tasks such as cleaning filter presses. The successful candidate will have a good understanding of inorganic chemistry.
An understanding of inorganic chemistry, experience using and calibrating lab equipment, ability to work independently in a busy environment, experience with routine maintenance operations, flexibility with scheduling (able to work days and nights as required), effective communication skills both written and verbal, strong attention to detail, able to lift up to 40 lbs., willingness to perform some manual tasks. Experience in electroplating or anodizing preferred but not required. Post-Secondary education preferred.
Jeffrey Brown

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